It’s too ghastly to go out to take photos today so I’ve been very lazy, a bit of crochet, some housework and quite a long time failing to find a holiday destination. I found this image in my one drive archive, it fits Becky’s challenge of squares or circles within squares.

She’d be happy if you want to join in, every day or just a few days of March.


11 thoughts on “#MarchSquare3

  1. Love this one. Where was it? I too have the habit of wasting time looking for holiday destinations. But it has been rather lovely here this afternoon; blue sky and sunshine. Hopefully spring has re-sprung!

  2. How about Warsaw for a holiday destination? Some time between April 15 and June 6 maybe?? Great circlesinsquare, but I infinitely preferred the first one! Far more personality and beauty.

    1. Hi Susie thanks for visiting my blog. I see you also live in Exeter. Have you though about joining a writing group? I’m a member of Word Works Exeter, and you’re be very welcome to join us 🙂 I couldn’t see a way to comment on your blog?

  3. The things you have in your archives, young lady! 🙂 🙂 Been wracking my brains as to how I can meet Meg in Warsaw. You might find it an interesting destination, Gilly.

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