#March Square 21

Amber PalaceLast night I watched treasures of the Indus and was inspired to look for an image of India for my March Square. This is a ceiling in the Amber palace, Jaipur.

I often say this of India, I wish I could go back with a better camera and slightly improved skills.

Twelve days left to join Becky’s square challenge!


8 thoughts on “#March Square 21

  1. On my first visit to India I only had a little compact film camera and probably only took a dozen photos, several of which were terrible! Impressions were held in the head then.

  2. Visited Indias Rajasthan and Nepal back in 1999 & 2000 and couldn’t agree more as I too wish I had my camera I have now back then! Thanks for reminding me of the Amber Fort,

  3. I visited India in 1986 and lugged around an Olympus SLR but all film as course I would love to go back with a digital camera (but never will now)

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