Beside the Grand Western

Yesterday was a gorgeous day, it was lovely to be able to take the dogs for a walk without getting wet or frozen. So the canal at Tiverton called and we answered.

We decided against walking from the basin near the town, there are far fewer people just a couple of miles towards Halberton, where there’s a free car park. From there you’re right into countryside.

After just a hundred metres or so we came across these barges, despite looking a bit dilapidated, they seemed to have some function still, the second had a motor attached.

To the right of the towpath, the fields stretched away to the horizon, in various states of readiness. The remains of winter crops of sprouts, and a dark purple brassica lie in neat rows. Fresh young grass that had survived the recent snows, beside still naked land that may have tiny life budding through the red soil. I liked the zigzags and the red machine waiting to perform its magic.

Back to the path and a troop of school army cadets pounded towards us, neither walking or running and very humourless. Perhaps they’d been reprimanded.
Across the water the still bare trees created some nice reflections. George jumped in because he saw a duck, his first time in water other than the sea or a bath, Flora gave him a good telling off.

This duck and its reflection seemed to have his head on backwards, you should be able to click for a bigger view.
There a few very colourful minutes when a barge came along.

Complete with quivering reflections.

This young lass would have blended in nicely as a passenger.

The hedgerow provided lots of interest

This beginning of a laid hedge has a long way to go.

Can you see the sheep at the top of the field? they’ve designed their own camouflage gear.

In the distance stands the tower of Halberton church. This part of the walk forms an elbow shape, and I hadn’t realised how close we are to the village when we set off.
Some battered reeds make an interesting natural sculpture.

We didn’t walk very far, just a couple of miles. Flora had been to the vet on Saturday and had had a 24 hour fast,so that was far enough. For every mile I walk the dogs probably run three.

They were both fine and very hungry when we got home and then slept very well.

Even though they’re looking away from the camera, I love this photo, the first good one I’ve taken of them. usually they don’t keep still but this time they were entranced.

Jo, I tried to do this last night but needed an early night, so I missed your Monday Walk post, this would have been my first for a long time! She’s in Jerez this week, and she’s responsible for me adding to my bucket list. Have a look, it’s fabulous.


13 thoughts on “Beside the Grand Western

  1. Thanks so much, sweetheart! You are good to me. It’s fine to link up today cos it’ll go on my next Monday walk… wherever! So glad you got out and about and Flora had no ill effects. I like the backwards duck but not those leggings. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Hugs, darlin! Short week- soon be Easter πŸ™‚

    1. Hello sweetheart, yes, a 4 day week, 4 day weekend and another 4 day week. Just as well, it’s year end and I’ll be on my knees by 4pm Friday πŸ™‚ Hugs back to you x:-)x

  2. It was sooo good to have a full day of sunshine yesterday, I am glad you managed to get out for a walk too. Looks lovely around there and you got some brilliant photos – the reflections, the boats, your dogs – now tell me why are those sheep reddish-brown?

  3. This post was delightful to peruse. On one hand it felt timeless – with the tugboat, camo soldiers, and nature.
    Then the angles had your style felt through each one here – and the pairs stood out – the doggies – the runners and the ducks – evenly dispersed through the series.
    and I could feel the nice pleasantness of this area…

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