Ancient lines

After seeing this weeks photo challenge, I began thinking about different types of lines, in a sleepless hour the other night. The next day I found the lines of tiles that I posted on Friday, man made, twenty first century city lines.

My mind wandered to ancient lines, and lines that may or may not actually exist, ley lines.

If you believe they do, this is one place where you may be close to one. If you don’t then these stone rows are Neolithic or bronze age.

The lady in the hat with lines is Christine of Dadirri Dreaming, she was very happy to be there in that ancient land. She was a dear friend to many of us, who died in 2014, a few weeks after this photo was taken.


15 thoughts on “Ancient lines

  1. She was spiritual, wasn’t she, Gilly? I hope Stuart is doing ok. I still remember the shock of that Wednesday morning, and my walk back from t’ai chi, full of sorrow. I always think of her if I walk it. No more sleepless nights, missus! Have a great week- another short one coming up. 🙂 🙂

  2. Christine! I miss her. How lovely you had time together. She always left me an encouraging, thoughtful word. Thank you Gilly for this post. For remembering.

  3. What a poignant photo, Gilly, although I never knew Christine. I do believe in ley lines ~ there are powerful ones in your area. We have two ‘dragon lines’ running across the Island ~ you’ve given me inspiration to write about them now! 🙂

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