Can you identify this one?

Outside of the building where I work stands this beautiful, large tree. For the last month it’s been blooming it’s little heart out, It has pointy leaves and bundles of tiny creamy yellow flowers.

Every morning as the sun warms and comes around to my side of the office, the pungent stench, fragrance wafts its way to my window. I can’t see it until I go outside and I don’t know what it is, but it’s driven me crazy, because it’s pollen hell and has really aggravated my asthma and hay fever, so I’d like to CHOP THE DAMN THING DOWN!

Anyone know what the monster is?


21 thoughts on “Can you identify this one?

      1. I think some varieties may grow that large. Of course, I could be Wong. It reminds me of a tree in my uncle’s garden.

    1. Ahh thanks honey, most of the flowers are down now, drying up on the ground so it’s nearly over. O can’t remember it being this bad before. I’ve just sat through the England/Croatia match and I’m so wound up I won’t get to sleep, it made me so tense I couldn’t drink my beer!

  1. Staghorn Sumac? It certainly has the right leaf type and this has yellow flowers in summer. Grows about 10m tall. Maybe take some photos in autumn to see the fruit and then we might be able to ID it better. Sorry it is affecting you!

  2. I am not sure what it is but I certainly feel for you and having allergies. The season has arrived and it is certainly never kind to me. Nice photo and I could not stop laughing at your written comment. LOL

  3. Poor you, hopefully it will be all over soon. Lots of suggestions from the community, I have no idea, don’t think I have ever seen one like this

  4. Always happy to rise to a challenge I scanned into your photo and put the image into a plant finding app I use ‘PlantSnap’ – whilst not always right, it tells me it’s a ‘Poison Sumac’ (not to be confused with Stag Horn) used to be known as a Rhus and grows to 9 metres (30 ft). What do you think?

    1. Well the size fits, and you’re the second person that’s suggested a sumac. I’ve googled it and I’m not convinced, the leaves don’t look quite the right shape. The problem I’m having is getting a good enough photo. Also I need to watch it more closely through autumn and the rest of the year. Much as it’s pretty, it’s only since the pollen has been really bad this year that I’ve taken much notice of it. Apparently I’m not as observant as I thought! Nice to see you Ronnie, I take it you’re not blogging these days?

      1. Yep, definitely not the one. The one outside my office has tiny pale yellow/cream flowers in bunches – most of which have fallen now, and the leaves are pointed. Also, I’d hope that they wouldn’t have planted a poison tree in hospital grounds. Yesterday I was looking at a sweet chestnut on the green close to home and it’s size and form are similar. The mystery continues 🙂

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