Not what I intended

Jude’s photo of oats earlier today reminded me of the seed heads I collected a couple of weeks ago, in the fields. I’d gone out without even a phone to take photos, so I took some home, planning to post them here, so that one of you clever people could identify for me.

So I dug them out, looked forΒ  a spot to snap, and there was my hat.

Aren’t they pretty? but I still don’t know what they are!



19 thoughts on “Not what I intended

  1. I can only go along with the consensus that they are Honesty seeds. A shame you didn’t have a camera to capture the leaves and the size. Trying to think of something else. Looks like you are going to have to go back with a camera!

  2. Definitely Honesty seeds – very decorative and a menace in the garden. Lovely pic though. They also look great in a vase on the windowsill with the sun coming in.

  3. Also known as Silver Dollar, a biannual. Remove the side disks that enclose the seeds gently and use the dried stems with the center disks for winter (or anytime) arrangements. Scatter the seeds in your yard or garden and you will have them to enjoy again. I have a vase of them with pussy willows that have lasted a few years.

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