Turkish Encounters

The thing I love most of all about travelling is meeting people and having glimpses into their world and way of being. There’s something very precious about these fleeting moments.  One memorable encounter I had was in Ankara, where I met these women  who immediately struck me with their warm open hearts. They were posing for photos in the Kemal Ataturk museum and they looked so beautiful that I asked to take one too.

Ankara's beautys

Sadiman, on the right spoke English and was able to tell her family that I was happy to meet them and loved their country. We are still Facebook friends, as I am with Selin on the left. Selin was very young in my photo and I’m able to see her grow up through her Facebook photos. I don’t know the beamings mamas names, but through smiles and gestures we shared something special to treasure.

This is my post for family, this weeks photo challenge from the Daily Post. You can join in here. https://dailypost.wordpress.com/2014/01/17/photo-challenge-family-2/

Travel Theme: On Display

Ailsa said ‘No matter where you go, there’s always something for sale somewhere. The items on display in local stores are often evocative of the flavours and aesthetics of the culture you’re in and make for really interesting photographs.’ The things I have photographed are not for sale but displayed in the Museum of Anatolian Civilisation in Ankara, I’m sure that still counts.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Hidden

Hidden for millenia, parent and child from the palaeolithic age found in a cave in deepest Turkey and now in the Museum of Anatolian Civilisations in Ankara. They probably have more ‘visitors’ in a day now than they had in their entire lifetime. But is it okay?