Exeter Cathedral

The word cathedra means seat of a Bishop and the building of Exeter’s began in 1112 on ground that had been used by a religious community since the 7th century. These are the organ pipes, the biggest is 11 metres tall.

The Exeter Astronomical Clock dates from the 15th century and always fascinated me as a child. 

With its complicated workings. 

With angels watching over them, a monument to the 2nd Earl and Countess of Devon, from the 14th century.

A section of tapestry on a bench

and another tomb, this one 19th century, the Macdonalds from the isle of Skye.

An 18th century clergyman

Some little details that I like

This stone screen or pulpitum was built between 1317 and 1325

and the view through is of the Quire.

Above the Quire is the organ in a 17th century case

My favourite part of the cathedral has always been the lady Chapel but today I couldn’t take photos because of a service so this one is courtesy of   © Copyright Neil Kennedy and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence

A view of the pulpit with the organ in the background

and the detail of the pulpit

Looking high

Some ceiling bosses

The West Front Window

and I saved the best until last, the vault was created as a vision of heaven in the Tierceron style. St Peters has the longest continuous medieval vault in the world, around 96 metres.

So what do you think of Exeter’s glorious cathedral?

I’m adding this photo for http://beeblu.wordpress.com/category/home/ sorry its not very good but you can read a little more about the clock!