Jagged and pointy

Just three days left for Becky’s Square March and I haven’t made it many times at all. I have another image from Barcelona today, it’s both pointed and jagged.

A view of the roof at Sagrada Familia. Join Becky here, she’s sky watching!

A new orchard

How long does it take for an apple tree to reach maturity? I hope that in a few years I can try the fruit of every one of the young trees that have been planted in the valley park. Yes, an orchard’s worth of trees, I counted 22, each different varieties. They are all old English varieties, most local to the south west and some from just a few miles away.

There’s Farmer’s Glory, a Devon eating or cooking apple, that stores for three months. Exeter Cross, a mix of Worcester Pearmain and Beauty of Bath, an early fruit. Star of Devon comes from Broadclyst, just around four miles from the valley and the fruit lasts until March.
I’ll be watching these young trees grow, isn’t it wonderful that orchards are being created again?


Early spring in Sidmouth

Winter in Connaught Gardens, Sidmouth, a little area that’s usually that will soon be surrounded by plants and sunshine.

The gardens are looked after by East Devon District council and they do an excellent job.

There’s a wonderful range of plants, stunning views and through summer the bandstand often rings with the sound of live music of all kinds.If you’ve walked up Peak Hill,  to where I took the photo above, or even further to see the daffs,

you deserve a treat. See the white tower above Jacob’s ladder? The building beneath is the café in the gardens. They have lovely food, I have no idea how they make such huge cakes and if you’re lucky, you  might be able to sit at one of those windows.

Around Cezanne’s Neighborhood

I’d wanted to check out Cezanne’s neighbourhood for ages and last year I finally made it to Aix, on a bus from Marseilles.

I’m fire fighting at the moment so only have time to post a gallery.

But I hope you like it anyway.
If you haven’t seen them, Tina has beautiful photos taken of Seabrook Island, South Carolina for her challenge of ‘Neighborhood’.