My daughter has turned cave girl!

My Primal Life - Musings of a Cave Girl

Sadly I don’t have time for a proper post today, as I’ve just got home from work and I have several more hours of work to do in preparation for a big event on Thursday & Friday. Roll on the weekend!
Normally at this crazy sort of time, I would be chowing down on junk to keep me going. I vowed to try and deal with it all cave-girl stylee, and I have to say, I feel pretty darn good!

Greek yoghurt, peach walnuts, pumpkin seeds, ground almonds.
This really keeps me going until lunchtime. When I’ve run out of peaches I’m going to try to go without fruit, because I think it’s holding my weight loss back a bit. Doesn’t it look pretty though! 

Hard-boiled eggs, chicken, lettuce, spinach, cucumber, tomatoes, walnut oil.

Bacon, greek yoghurt, spinach, lettuce, tomatoes, yellow pepper. – The quickest way of…

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Photography, art or techno skills?

I used to do a lot of photo editing when I first discovered Photoshop but eventually tired of it. I learnt to colour pop, but then everywhere you looked you would see colour popped photos – boring. The current craze for instagram does little for me, it doesn’t seem to require any particular skill or eye for a good quality photo.

Then last year I did a photography course and everyone was furiously editing everything, trying every trick the software offered. It put me off even more and I concentrated on improving my camera skills. That didn’t work, my photography became worse as I struggled to get to grips with manual camera settings.

I’m gradually recovering and on a photo day I can usually get a few shots I’m happy with, probably around 5%! I have three lenses to play with and have often thought that if I just had this lens or that lens then I might get the results I want. But that’s nonsense of course, it’s all in the eye, and sometimes choosing a good way to use software to create an interesting image.

Here I have played with a photo in a few different ways, a couple of which I believe work well and some less so. Do you have an opinion to offer? Do you like some more than others? or maybe you don’t like any of them? Let me know what you think or perhaps post a few versions of a image that you have worked with. As always click for a larger view.