Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple

This weeks photo challenge has purple as its theme. Purple is my favourite colour and i wear it all winter. In spring and summer I enjoy purple flowers and keep trying to take the perfect purple flower photo, maybe one day I’ll get there. Meanwhile here are a few for you, so you recognise them all?If you would like to join in and to see some other entries http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2012/07/27/weekly-photo-challenge-purple/ is the place to visit.

Friday Fictioneers

Madison has posted a challenging photo prompt this week and this is my contribution. If you would like to visit her to read the other entries go to http://madison-woods.com/photo-prompt-for-the-fridayfictioneers-5/

Running Water

‘There you go my dear, now all you have to do is turn on the tap and you can have running water whenever you want.’

‘Turn it on whenever I want? That’s lovely.’

‘Now how do you manage about baths? You’d qualify for a council grant at your age.’

‘Oh I just fill the copper up in July, that’s my birthday I’ll be ninety two you know, and it doesn’t take long to fill my hip bath. Now lad I’m going down the garden to get some water from the well, so I’ll show you out at the same time.’