Friday Fictioneers: Grapevine

I’ve missed Madison’s 100 word Friday photo prompt                             for a couple of weeks but this time I’ve made it. This maybe a little dark, so I’m sorry, I don’t wish to offend. The photo seems innocent enough, but look closely, see how the tendrils can wrap around and strangle.



The vine, its naked now, stripped of its treasures, its small Riesling bullets. The master likes to watch while we crush them in the old way; it’s his tradition to make something special for himself. And as he watches, he finishes last year’s reserve.

It started off well, he was in good humour, but as always, it turned to bad. I thought I would die last night; drown on crushed grapes, I prayed to the Lord to take me. Grapes filled my nose, ears, eyes and mouth, while he filled me.

He doesn’t know where I emptied his night water today.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

I’ve been waiting for a reason to post to show you the inside of Exeter Guildhall. In May there was an exhibition about the 1942 blitz and I popped in for the first time in thirty years. It is believed to have been built around the late 12th century, with a new front in the 16th and the interior was restored in the 19th century. In my photo you can see the windows reflected in the chandelier and some of the exhibition stands.

There will be hundreds of different interpretations of inside over at the Daily Post.