Rock Hopping Lyme Boys

Whenever I see this crazy sport I’m compelled to watch but I hold my breathe. One slip could be disastrous, they are so fearless, I don’t remember ever feeling this invincible in my youth! It’s the first time I’ve seen it in daylight but I still only had my phone camera. Have you ever tried this? or any extreme sport? I would love to see your photos if so.

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13 thoughts on “Rock Hopping Lyme Boys

  1. It’s amazing what crazy things teenage boys will do – and usually get away with it! Oh, to have muscles and reflexes like that. Though I’m not sure I would want the total lack of good sense.

  2. I find extreme sports hard to watch and some do get hurt… 😦
    Thank you for checking in during the Hurricane… your kind wishes were appreciated! 🙂

  3. NO! And this is the first I have seen something like this too!
    I have always either been too chicken or had a lot more sense, whichever way you look at it 😀

  4. I have seen this before, Gilly. Wish I still had the link: it was one guy coming down the mountain and through a small village that clung to the rock!

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