A Poem Found

Today in Lyme Regis I bought a bundle of old letters in a second hand book shop. They are full of little gems of history and I may share some more at some point. For now though this is a love poem from the 1940’s. 

Isn’t this touching. Or perhaps you find it intrusive. If Ann is still alive she must be very old now, but as the letters were there for me to buy, I suspect that she and her love have passed on.

14 thoughts on “A Poem Found

  1. I think this is just beautiful, and it really gets my imagination going wondering what this couple was like, other than the obvious that they were madly in love. I have never heard of buying bundles of old letters in a book shop. What an incredible and fascinating find, and I do hope that you share more with us :).

  2. This type of thing makes me wonder what happened to the pair… maybe they ended up together and lost the letters when moving house… wouldn’t it be nice to know the history behind the poem…

  3. This is precious, Gilly. I love learning the history of people through their own writings. I have always been fascinated by Elizabeth Barrett and Robert Browning’s love and courtship that was so wonderfully revealed and preserved in their love letters to each other. I’ve done an entire article on their courtship letters — both for my blog and other places — because I feel what they proved about the power of love is so important. During their 20 months of courtship, they exchanged 574 love letters. That’s a pretty powerful testimony to love in the face of all the serious hindrances they had, and certainly a lot of “lovers” today could learn a great deal from them.

    Thanks for sharing this.
    Hope you have a “Love-filled” day.

  4. I have seen photo’s in antique shops and picked some up. I don’t know why. The people in the photo’s looked like they needed to be in a home. I would have gotten the letters for the same reason. These are treasures of a life once lived. They are of a love now past. The words are beautiful and touching. My first thought, after I read it, was that it was from a soldier who was at war. Thank you for sharing this special letter.
    namaste ….

  5. beautiful imagery in a poem written with love, thank you for publishing these sweet heart-touching words …. i too thought of a soldier remembering a precious sunny day with his beloved …

  6. Oh my, Gilly … what a treasure trove you acquired. I have my fingers (and toes) crossed that you will publish more. I was as taken by the words as beautiful penmanship, a lost art.

  7. OW, Gilly! Don’t you just wish to go back in time -when men can be so cheesy and corny and not be so egotistical in showing their emotional and passion to their women, and without hurting their bravado but actually making them more respectable.

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