Travel Theme: Liquid

Ailsa says it been raining heavily in Seattle, so it sounds much like here in the South West of England where some people are dealing with floods. I’m featuring Ghana this week.

to join in visit and share your liquid pics. Perhaps you can show the world how much rain we have in the UK this week.



11 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Liquid

  1. I love your elephant picture – for some reason, maybe the fact that you didn’t zoom in on them, it makes me realize that they’re just coming down to the local river for a drink as if they were ordinary animals that belong to the landscape. Like cows, only bigger. Like ducks, only MUCH bigger. Just going about their daily lives. They might be saying “nothing special here, what are you staring at us for??”

    1. Actually they were about a quarter of a mile away down a valley from the lodge in Mole National Park! they are ordinary but beautiful and I found it interesting just how much darker thEy were when wet 🙂

  2. There is so much of Africa I want to see Gilly. Don’t know when I will get there if ever!
    These are wonderful, particularly the watering hole.

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