Signs of Storms

The UK has been caught inthe grips of storms for several weeks, with high winds, floods and coastal damage. Many people have lost their homes and businesses, train lines are closed and seemingly indestructible sea walls have been destroyed.

My little city is ten miles from the sea and mostly high enough to be safe from floods so other than getting soaked a few times I’m fine.  I’m very lucky, the weather has only prevented trips out with my camera and meant that I had a nerve racking drive to Hampshire last week.

At the weekend, in a brief dry spell I walked the dogs in the cemetery and found a number of fallen trees. It surprised me how shallow conifer roots are, I hope they replace them soon.

This dear little tree is my favourite in the cemetery and I’m pleased that it’s survived with just one broken limb.damson

Don’t tell, but it’s a damson and no-one else seems to pick its bountiful fruit. Perhaps they’ll plant some more!

Spring is on it’s way!

January Small Stones# Eighteen

From my office desk I see the evergreens a quarter of a kilometre away; they are peppered with naked orange branches of their deciduous family and gulls retreating from the coast. In the foreground I can see the low roof of the hospice next door, but nothing more except the white sky that foretells snow.
It arrives, a horizontal mix of flake, sleet and rain landing slushily and washing itself away. Soon my vista changes and I get my first clear view of the Haldon hills; where earlier today the A38 and A380 were down to single lane traffic crawling in the wake of gritter trucks. Those hills and the ones to the North West are white and can only be distinguished from the sky by their own dark tree fringe.
It’s just a fleeting glimpse and soon the snow here becomes a fine drizzle followed by heavy rain, which obscures the view again. Hopefully that will be the end of it.

Travel Theme: Liquid

Ailsa says it been raining heavily in Seattle, so it sounds much like here in the South West of England where some people are dealing with floods. I’m featuring Ghana this week.

to join in visit and share your liquid pics. Perhaps you can show the world how much rain we have in the UK this week.