15 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

    1. I expect you have history re-enactment people in Canada too? I find it fascinating that these people spend their spare time, back in time! They make their clothes, dyeing and spinning wool, leatherwork and even armour and chain mail. I love to see them at the summer fairs I visit!

      1. Yes we do Gilly. My favourites are the sugar bush historical villages in the spring when maple sap starts to run. Samples are hot out of the bubbling kettle perched over an open fire, and tossed into the snow to make toffee! This is where and when I usually buy my year’s supply of maple syrup!

  1. That is a beautiful photo. Pulls me right in. I’m especially taken, with close looking, at the two pins on her dress. It’s as if that’s the story she’s telling, but the truth is in her face. Thank you for this!

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