19 thoughts on “January Small Stone# Thirteen

  1. Every winter, we get to see these majestic birds in flight, as they arrive at my city. One wonders,as they fly in a V formation..who decides which one will lead, and how trusworthy is the chosen leader! They don’t question tha particular bird, they follow it, as they have done for years. Sooner, or later, they know that they will reach their destination. That’s how I allow God to lead me. Great pictures. Blessings.

  2. Such dramatic birds – a nuisance to have living near you, but beautiful to watch.

    I’m curious – have they lived in England for a long time, or are they fairly recent immigrants? We have a year-round population in New Jersey, but I can remember when they always migrated further north (all the way to Canada, perhaps) in the summer.

    1. I know that some arrived here naturally and some were introduced but I don’t know when. They are beautiful noisy birds and can be seen in Devon all year but seem to gather at Bowling Green marsh. It was very cold and difficult to get any good shots.

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