Travel Theme: Shadows

Ailsa has chosen Shadows for her travel theme over at this week. This is my response, a photo taken at Sultanhani Caravanserai in Turkey, and a quick poem.


On balance the shade is created
should some small creature have need
to escape fire radiating wall.

Justice will reign through unfolding hours
rusted metal absorbing the rays
til the wall is curtained with shade.

And the shadow that weighs
fades with sun’s last glow
and waits patient to forge a new day.

I’ve also linked to dVerse’s Poetics of Groundhog Day – Bright Shadow, thanks to Bjorn at

23 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Shadows

  1. really cool progression in this…from the balance to the scale…to its symbolism of justice…and tomorrow the shadows will def return for a new day…good to see you at dverse…

  2. Beautiful poem, Gilly. I’ve been closed down for some unknown reason, no explanation…. so my capture the moment and so on is currently a thing of the past. I have no access to the blog – zilch – gone. I may be back, but until I know what’s going on I’ll just have to read instead……

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