Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above

This weeks challenge is ‘From Above’.

Sara Rosso says ‘Change your perspective on something. Share a photo of a subject which you shot from directly above. This plate of cheese from the Langhe region in Italy was interesting when I tried to take a picture of it, but when I took it from above, it became even more clear how the honey laid in a neat pile in the center of this circle of cheese and how each wedge had its own identity. For those interested, you started going clockwise with the cheese at 12, and they were all delicious.
Find a subject and instead of taking a picture from in front of, at an angle, to the side, or from behind, take it directly from above!
In a new post specifically created for this challenge, share a picture which means FROM ABOVE to you!’

I have chosen some views from above from several countries, hope you like them and maybe join in?



59 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above

  1. Huh. I’m not going to ask HOW you managed to take these shots because I’m dizzy thinking about it. I know you are safe otherwise these lovely pictures wouldn’t have made their way here. You are not only BRAVE but you take unforgettable pictures.

    1. Well only one was in a possibly scary place if you don’t like heights – the rainforest canopy in Ghana, which was very wobbly! I’m not frightened of heights thank goodness, just spiders and snakes when I don’t know if they are dangerous types!

  2. Nicely from above Gilly. I haven’t been by in a while so am off to catch up on your life. Have a lovely weekend. 🙂

  3. The first is Victoria falls isn’t it? Yes that and the spectacular shot of Bikaner are the stars for sure. I am torn between going to Africa later this year or visiting some domestic destinations Gilly.. Wish i could do both.

    1. Where would you choose in Africa Madhu? East for wildlife, West for people and North for culture. But I highly recommend Ghana for a bit of everything and really wonderful people!

      1. Haven’t thought beyond the wildlife Gilly. Shall certainly consider Ghana. Not sure if we can make it this year though.

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