Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves

Sara Rosso has chosen Curves this week and as I’m away in Hampshire visiting my daughter who is expecting her first baby I can’t think of any better curves than these!



Six weeks to go if she lasts that long!

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Hobbit and Oggiemog

The Lovely Lady down the corridor drove her gorgeous car in to work this week. Meet Oggiemog, a twenty six year old Morgan. Lovely Lady paid £12500 for her ten years ago and because she is a Morgan she’s still worth just as much!

I’m quite keen on the marque myself, I like them because there are limited numbers on the road. I like the idea of ordering something and having to wait years for it to be built, especially for you. If I had one I’d like it to be deep red, but my Hobbit fell for the British Racing Green one belonging to the Lovely Lady. Here he is dreaming of turning her engine on and cruising off to the wilderness.

He’s even wearing the Morgan cap, think it suits him?

By the way, when I asked Lovely Lady her car’s name she said it , IT! clearly it’s female, didn’t have one. So I called her Oggiemog, because that’s what it says on her badge.

And Hobbit, well he isn’t allowed such a lovely beastie because he never, ever cleans his car and it would be a crime not to look after a Morgan.

Make me a willow cabin

Said Viola in Shakespeare’s Twelth Night, I’d like this one please. It was a new addition at Dartington when I went for my birthday and I fell in love with it, who wouldn’t?

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I don’t know if it is staying there, willow has a life of perhaps ten years but they often have artwork visiting for just a few weeks.

100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups Week# 92

I’m very late posting last weeks challenge, never mind! The prompt was YELLOW, in honour of the sun the Julia had been enjoying. The new challenge will be out today at http://jfb57.wordpress.com/ meanwhile here is,



Each spring, the gorse carpets the heath in golden yellow, reminding me of my loss. I walk the moor to immerse myself in its fragrance, though I can hardly bear it. Never has the extreme weather of 2003 been repeated. Some higher power must have punished me to have swept my child away in the river.
Ten years have passed.
‘God give me a sign; let me know my child is safe’ and then, a few feet from me stood a hare, it eyes, almost human, met mine. I held my breath; time seemed to stand still until it hopped away.

Fleeting, a minute from the train

Sometimes you just know there is a reason for a photo don’t you? Three weeks ago I caught the train to Totnes instead of driving. On a sunny day there can be few train journeys to match it anywhere, the track follows the river Exe to the estuary, then passes through Dawlish and Teignmouth and heads up the river Teign. As always the train windows were grimy and the sun that made it so lovely caused glare and reflections but you’ll get the idea.

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This is a small area of Gods Wonderful Railway, at Dawlish Warren, engineered by Isambard Kingdom Brunel, a masterpiece of construction in the 19th century. These photos were all taken at 10.04 am on May 18th, a fleeting moment. By 10.05 the scene had changed completely and will never exactly the same again.

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Staying Awake, Growing Your Area

It takes 10 calories to produce every single calorie we consume in the West.Thanks to Isobel for this great post.

Isobel (and Cat)'s Blog

MasterB has been in all evening while I have been at a meeting and then in the pub. My eyes want to close, but it is only fair he gets a run around outside for a while.
The meeting was good; lots of ideas about greening cities; our connection, or lack of, with the land; how this area might grow more of its own food. There was a thought-provoking and entertaining Ted Talk by Carolyn Steel. You can watch it here. I like the idea that the Roman Empire was extended shopping trip. I don’t like the fact that five multi-nationals control some 80% of food production.
How did we drift into this state of affairs where we rip up rain forest, mine islands into oblivion and demand tomatoes that are regular and uniform in size, throwing away the ones that aren’t?

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