Objects of Desire

Is the name given to an exhibition that has been at Killerton this year and I managed to catch its final day at the weekend. It’s about fashion and includes some designs by students at Falmouth university whose remit was, F

and this is some of their work

The little red number is my favourite! Here is the Courtenay dress, apologies for the glare, its part of Killerton’s collection and so was behind glass.



Here are a few more gowns from their collections, they are all vintage but some would still be wearable now.


To bring us into the right decade, these last dresses are made by current designers.

Any idea which is my favourite?


28 thoughts on “Objects of Desire

  1. How fascinating to see that gracious dress made from bed curtains … and the modern upcycling designs are very attractive … my d-i-l only wears remade things that she whizzes up out of found fabrics and she always looks marvellous … but of the modern designs, maybe your favourite is S … the red/blue heart flaring skirt ???

      1. oh yes, Gilly, me too!!! Yesterday I booked out flights to Paris for the middle of May next year … will definitely come and visit before the flight home on 25th June 🙂

  2. I don’t know which one you like best, Gilly, but personally I love the one with the peacock feather skirt (third photo in the final collection). I’d probably feel like Morticia Addams wearing it, but it’s still gorgeous.

  3. Gilly, what a delightful collection of frocks. I love the star of the show made from hand embroidered bed curtains ……can you imagine how long that would take to make……and the vintage frocks are so pretty. I think I prefer them to the modern ones 🙂

  4. Hello from Australia. I had the good fortune to run into DRifter Dave the other day. Way over here in our tiny village. We had a misunderstanding trying to sort out who he was and how he knew my name and then I realised it was YOU he was talking about. How good is that ? I have some images of him on one of my blogs – dancing and having a good time with us. Trust all is well with you.

    1. Lynne! where the devil have you been girl? Your blog disappeared – but it wasn’t this one, I don’t think I’ve ever seen this one. I’ve oftenwondered how you are and when Dave said where he was going I thought I recognised the name. I never dreamt he would actually meet you – what an amazing world blogging is! Its lovely to see you lovely lady and I hope you’re good 🙂

  5. Wow, some of these are gorgeous! And as I read this article, I thought of “The Remissionary,” here on WordPress. She is a fantastic seamstress and blogs about all the things that can be re-made from something that has been — or needs to be discarded. I’ll be sure and give her the link to this site. She’ll enjoy this article very much.

  6. Vintage clothing, tiny stitches and embroidery are all so intriguing to me. Fabulous Courtenay Dress! I spent many teenage years doing intricate embroidery by hand. ( I could see better then !)

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