An English Market Town

Do you have towns that you regularly drive by and just don’t get round to stopping? I have several, and on Saturday I did get round to this one! Bridport, in Dorset (my second favourite county) is just 40 miles from home. I bypass it nearly every month on the drive to see my daughter, often wondering what it’s like. This time I got to visit because my friend and I had a table at a craft fair there, for the first time.
Bridport is known for its thriving arts and hosts the prestigious Bridport Prize for writing each year, I’d like to be good and brave enough to enter one day. The craft fair took place in the Arts Centre, where Dee, the manager fell for my hand made cards, thanks Dee ๐Ÿ™‚
Saturday is market day and this particular one was also the annual carnival, so the little town was positively bursting at the seams, buzzing and vibrant, with tourists mingling with locals and market traders.
I love markets and dashed around like a headless chicken, wanting to buy, see as much as possible and soak up the atmosphere. All the time I was aware that my friend was on her own and possibly busy while I went walkabout, snapping away with my phone camera and wishing I had my big girls Canon. Never mind, here are some of the things I saw.

I managed to resist buying anything! The book stall was most tempting – of course, but I’ve forbidden myself from buying any more until I’ve reduced my unread pile. And stuff? well I mustn’t take anything home unless I’m prepared to take something to the charity shop. What I did get though was bread, glorious locally made with green olives, sun dried tomatoes and cheese and the most heavenly texture. I wish I’d bought more. I won’t be bypassing Bridport on a Saturday again.
Hope you enjoyed my visit!


19 thoughts on “An English Market Town

  1. Small towns and days like this are my favorite ways to spend summer weekends. Sigh. I haven’t done so in many years. You’ve given me an idea, Gilly. Thank you.
    Your pictures are all wonderful. Great pictures make you feel you’ve been there like I have just now. In person would be better but this is the next best thing.
    I would buy the bread as well. Yum. ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Thanks for this post Gilly. OH and I have been wondering about Dorset as a place to relocate to (closer to family than Cornwall will be) and Bridport came up as a town we both might like. Ludlow has spoiled us for markets and foodie places. Any other market towns close to the coast that we might consider?

      1. Possibly. It has the amenities we want, appears to have a live music scene (OH a musician) and close to the coast. I’m still hankering for Cornwall though. May give that one last shot after Christmas and if nothing suits turn our attention to Dorset.

  3. Thank you!! This brought back such wonderful memories. I LOVED going to market with my Grandmother when I was a little girl. I loved the sights and sounds. [Years ago they turned the market square into the bus station in Consett]

  4. I enjoyed two trips around the gallery. By the end I could almost imagine myself there. Lovely, Gilly. I admire you for having enough hand-made cards to take to a fair.

  5. Looks like our weekends here Gilly, except for the band. These are stunning shots of a beautiful outing hon. Love it! ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. Bread … my past addiction. I’m gluten intolerant now but bread stands were always my 1st stop. I love markets and street fairs too. My hubby would have been scouring the books while I scoured the tea cups and pretty little things. Nice post …. ๐Ÿ˜Š

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