Lazy Poet’s Thursday Tanka


inquisitive eyes
watching waiting full of hope
for just the one chance
to spread its wings and soar high
on a swift flight to freedom




17 thoughts on “Lazy Poet’s Thursday Tanka

  1. Beautiful and something I could relate to. There are moments in life where we find ourselves like this bird…hopeful for a second chance…hopeful to be freed from something that held us back for so long…hopeful to spread our winds and soar to reach our highest dreams and potentials.

      1. It’s just the traditional way but not everyone bothers with that. I’m rarely disciplined but as haiku etc is so easy I try to do that at least x😀x

  2. I thought of you yesterday Gilly, but couldn’t find time to visit. So now that I’m here Jude has kindly asked the question that was on my lips. (I was irreverently thinking tanka-top! Sorry 🙂 ) Lovely bird capture and now I’m even wiser. Good weekend, hon! 🙂

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