A Creepy Challenge

Lucid Gypsy doesn’t do creepy. No creepy books, and I’ve never watched a horror film in my life, I doubt if I ever will. I think that what goes on inย the real world is scary enough, without spending my time being scared senseless by a creepy film.

So my creepy photos may seem a bit lame to other people, but here they are.

creepy one

creepy two

creepy three

Are they creepy enough for you?

If you can share creepy, want to join the challenge, and see lots more creepy stuff go here.

33 thoughts on “A Creepy Challenge

  1. You took my words. When I saw you were posting creepy I thought “Surely lucidgypsy doesn’t do creepy”! And I’m with you 100% on horror movies, although I have watched a few when I couldn’t escape.

    That second one is far too creepy. I don’t even want to think about it. It took me a while to penetrate the third one – what’s the story?

  2. I love creepy and horror films are my favourite. I think you made it with no. 3 Gilly. What the heck is that? Looks like someone buried in stone. Excellent shots! ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. The imprint of the underwater face is really creepy to me…is that mud or rock?
    I don’t like horror movies, either. I still remember a terrible movie I saw 40 (forty!) years ago – Suspiria – I decided then that horror movies were not my cup of tea.

  4. A macabre and disturbing post…it’s the damp dank feel of the images that you captured so well. Im with you on any film that is violent or horrific, I run a mile. Not so I think with the written word. I must think about that? cheerio friend.

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