Romantic Nymans

I’m really glad I discovered Nymans last year, when I was in the south east of England, not somewhere I usually go unless I’m heading for Gatwick. It’s now right up there with my all time favourite gardens to visit. The house and garden, in the Sussex Weald, was built in the late 1800’s, by Ludwig Messel. He wanted to build a dream family home, and he created a stunning garden against the backdrop of the wooded surroundings. He collected unusual plants from around the world and made a romantic paradise.


The long border in June

Some of the border beauties


Heading for the fountain


A refreshing sight


Eyes to the sky


Turn a corner

Find your inner child in a magical woodland path


Retrace  your steps


The planting is beautiful everywhere you turn


Flat topped pudding trees


A box garden with crenellated hedges


This stunning, but simple planting hides a secret for now. What could it be?

41 thoughts on “Romantic Nymans

  1. You’re a tantaliser, and I’m impatient for the secret, greedy for it, even after all the other treats you’ve given me! My impression of England is becoming one of continuous gardens. I’d have expected you garden-bloggers to have run out by now! So many treats as well as the flowers. A good start to my week, thank you!

  2. Your photos just get better Gilly, or maybe it is this theme that shows them off to perfection. Now what can that secret be? I haven’t been to Nymans, but now need to see how far it is from where I am staying next week. You have whetted my appetite!

    1. Nymans is near Handcross, South of Gatwick…… It’s about 40 miles from where you are staying I shan’t tell you what my favourite element is

      1. I’ve had a look on the website and they appear to have Australian planting and South African too. I sort of know where it is, just never approached from the north before, but it looks easy enough to find after Gatwick. Oh, I do hope the weather is kind next week! Flipping cold here last night. Brrrr…

  3. Lucid, this is just one lovely post. And you can’t beat the British for a garden…even in paradise gardens are hard to beat the British! And this one is superb. I’ll have to go there next time I’m in country! cheers

  4. Fabulous photos, Gilly. This garden must be quite close to my MiL’s house. I must try to remember to pay it a visit next time we’re there in summer. I really love secrets, especially when they’re revealed. 🙂

  5. These are some beautiful gardens, Gilly. I love all your pictures, especially the close up of the fountain and the flowers. Thanks for taking me through such colorful gardens. 🙂

  6. I can see from your glorious photos how much you loved this garden Gilly. All those photos are glowing. They brought back memories of 1990 when I worked in Sussex for a year and visited this memorable garden. But it seems even more beautiful than I remember.

  7. This is one of the most beautiful and captivating gardens I have ever had the privilege to visit. I went along with Gilly last June when we combined it with a visit to my daughter in Tunbridge Wells. I will definitely be planning to go again. I’m sure there is much more to see! Lovely photos Gilly!

  8. I enjoy our photos of beautiful English gardens. Nyman’s Gardens the name did not ring any bells till I saw the face looking skywards that is a wonderful fountain. I really liked that face and took photos of it myself. One hook and the memories came flooding back. Pauline mentions in her comment !990 we crammed a lot in in that year and 91.
    Actually when I stop and think they all have been full. Thanks for the memory, oh there is another hook, Concentrate get back focused I am rambling.

      1. Perhaps I chose the wrong word instead of ramble I could have wrote reminiscing.
        Happy reminiscing and meandering sharing, this I agree, is good it bonds friendships.

  9. Gilly I’m not surprised these gardens and home are a favorite for you. I adore it. I would have to visit often too. The fountain with the hedges that look carved are meticulously beautiful. I could meander for hours. Thanks for the tour. 😃

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