Post Boxes and a bench gone wrong

Jude’s gone post box crazy , pop over and see, and she wants to see any photos we have. Here’s a GR one.gr1
She also has a bit of a thing for benches and her challenge this month is to find colourful ones. Another month it was unusual ones, and I wanted to post this one then, but every day I walked past it and people were using it as a smoking bench – grrhhh! So I missed ‘unusual’, but I remembered that she said to play with photoshop for colourful if all else fails, so I did. As  don’t like the result it’s just going to be little.
bench jude_edited-1

But I hope this other post box will make up for it, I’ve posted it before, way back when but it will be new to you Jude.

I’ve just been given this beauty by Teresa, a Facebook friend since my OU days. Teresa is a Parent Extraordinaire and a pretty yummy one too, I have no idea how she stays sane and lovely. Thank you for lending me your photo! blue box
It was taken in Manchester outside the Science and Industry Museum.

19 thoughts on “Post Boxes and a bench gone wrong

  1. A sofa bench? Unusual and with, ahem.. a little touch up, also colourful 😀
    Love the post boxes. I wonder why the GR ones are so plain? The red one with the blue walls and red pelargoniums is a great shot. Thanks for seeking these out for me Gilly.

  2. Lovely post boxes, Gilly. I don’t think you can beat the very British red pillar box, but a blue one is quite novel. That sofa bench looks a mite surreal. I’m not sure I would dare sit on it in case I got transported away somewhere, like one would on a magic carpet. 🙂

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