A Bit of a Sit Down

If you like, on a bench for Sandra so that she knows I could have had a rest half way up that hill.

bench on golds hill
And for Jude, just because it’s pretty, even if it doesn’t fit this months challenge.
golds hill bench
I think it’s Tony’s bench.


Fado com Historia

A few weeks ago I left you here, 


and promised to return, this is why!
A few years ago I heard about Fado on a travel documentary programme and was intrigued. Travelling to Portugal, I hoped to hear some. In my previous post I’d been wandering around Tavira and found the Igreja da Misericordia by accident. The custodian at the Igreja told me there would be a performance that afternoon for a mere five euros.
We arrived in good time and the custodian gave us the best seats, she was expecting a German coach party, so before the onslaught there was time to take photos.
The audience assembled and waiting to be entertained.

The Portuguese guitarist was superb,

Then Sara Goncalves began singing, the moment the first note came from between her lips I was hooked. Her voice was so powerful and passionate I could only stare, amazed and totally entranced.

I have no idea how such music could come from such a young woman.
Apologies, I’m going to add my second youtube this week, only my third ever. Watch from around 14 minutes in, I think it has to be experienced live, but try to imagine Sara’s voice echoing around the Igreja. I learnt a bit later that Fado com Historia are based just around the corner, but I think the acoustics in the church were about as good as it gets.