A Long Awaited Treat

From way back in the 1970’s I’ve wanted to walk down Gold Hill, in Shaftesbury, Dorset. Gold Hill became famous as a result of a much loved tv advert, created by Ridley Scott, for Hovis bread. It has a wonderful soundtrack, Dvorak’s New World symphony.

So here is my treat photo, fulfilling a long held dream.

Gold Hill October 30th towards Blackmore Vale
Gold Hill towards Blackmore Vale


I should add that Shaftesbury is only around 60 miles from home, but I think many of us neglect the gems to be seen locally don’t we?

Of course if I’d gone years ago that hill wouldn’t have been so steep, what goes down must go up and this is the view from near the bottom.

Golds hill ascent

It was a real treat humming this tune!

This post is for the Weekly Photo Challenge of ‘Treat’