Nine Portuguese Knockers

Tavira is a great city for people who like to photograph doors, windows, knobs,  knockers and decay. I started snapping as soon as I arrived, here are a few that I found.

My favourites are the fish!

14 thoughts on “Nine Portuguese Knockers

  1. how delightful are these! hard to pick a favourite.
    i must say that is one thing i love about travel in Europe – those ancient buildings with their uniquely crafted doors and windows…. and it looks like Tavira is place that is worth a visit!

  2. I’m collecting things that show me Warsaw possibilities on a sixth visit. Door handles here I come! I think my favourite might be the fish too, but more for the peeling paint on the door. A nice Monday morning treat as life sort-of slows down.

  3. I had a similar craze when in Malta – so many lovely door knockers. I still sneak a photo when I see an interesting one. And yes, the fish for me too 🙂

  4. Great fish ones…I have a fox one on my back door! In fact whilst in Dartmouth this summer I came across loads of odd and unusual door knobs and knockers and did contemplate writing a blog but wasn’t sure what I could call and tag it without misleading people and attracting some perhaps unwanted attention!! I still have all the photos so may still write one…

  5. Absolutely love the variety of ‘knockers’ – who would think there were so many!! 🙂 Must start looking around Bristol – give the job to my walkers, as an observation exercise! 🙂

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