Benches for Jude

I found this funny little bench on Sunday and thought of Jude. I was out for lunch, somewhere I’d never been before in south Devon, disappointing and I won’t be going back, but there were a few things to see.
IMG_1835 [986677]
Jude’s theme this month is either Autumn or benches with messages or plaques, I’ve got both for you today Jude! First of all so that you can see what it says,
And then in situ. I know Jude liked the walk I posted here, so I think this is one she’d actually like to visit.


If you have a bench to share join in here.

16 thoughts on “Benches for Jude

  1. I love the first one, it would sit perfectly in my rustic garden, just right to perch on when I take a break for a much needed cuppa! And you could host quite a gathering on the second one, plenty of room for all who wish to join you! Pity about the lunch, though. 😊

  2. That quirky little first bench has such funny faces. The one with the bulbous nose seems to be attached to a pair of wings. 🙂 The celebration stone bench is quite magnificent, but the back might be a tad lumpy to lean on.

  3. Cute autumnal bench Gilly, very rustic! But I am intrigued by your comment that you won’t be going back – where did you go and why was it disappointing? As for Morte Point, not a place I have been to, though it looks very much like Hartland – maybe, one day. And I like a bench that shelters you from the wind. 🙂

    1. The place itself would probably be quite nice in summer, but their response to my friends complaint about a badly cooked meal was very unpleasant. I posted my Morte Point walk back in the summer and kept this bench until now. It is very similar to Hartland!

      1. Mmm… they obviously haven’t heard the phrase “the customer is always right”. I am much more vocal nowadays, there was a time when I wouldn’t complain, but wouldn’t return. Now I refuse to be quiet if something is wrong (much to the OH’s embarrassment) but it has got us a free dessert on occasion 😉

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