A field of brassica

Today I took the dogs for a stroll around Darts Farm. It’s one of those ‘lifestyle’ type shops these days, but I remember it thirty years ago when it was simple farm shop, in a barn. It still grows and sells vegetables, and the shop sells local fish, meat, bakery and dairy products, for those who can afford to buy it.

They don’t mind you walking around their fields, I’m always surprised how few people actually do, except when the sunflowers are blooming and the maize maze is open to get lost in.Today I walked up this hill, unprepared for the amount of mud and wearing my best and only presentable boots, heyho.
The weather was cold but bright and many of my iPhone photos are shooting straight into the sun.

The field on the right above was full of greens, ugh! When I was a kid greens were cabbage, cauliflower and Brussel sprouts, when did they get so complicated?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I still won’t eat any of them, and I can spot the tiniest bit of cauliflower in the spiciest curry!
Strolling over the brow of the hill with the dogs disappearing in and out of the hedge chasing after real or fantasy rabbits, the hills to the east were in view.

The maize still stood in skeletal rows.
There were no squeals of delight from children running through, unable to see over the tops of the plants.
The ground levels out and the iconic Topsham water tower stands across the river Clyst.
The glow of yellow drew me off the path toward the wetlands.
Where I could hear but not see geese and ducks, and the soft voices of anglers carried towards me.

Umbelliferous plants still held onto their creamy-white flowers.
Sunflower remains.
But the birds have had a real feast for weeks.
We’ve nearly reached the main road now.

I turn left at the bottom of the sunflower field.

and look back at the way I’ve come, and at a field of leeks.
It’s really only a little stroll, but rather lovely today.
Jo won’t be taking her usual Monday Walk this week, but I think she’d like mine, especially as there are plenty of luscious cakes to be found in Darts cafe.

You can find some more Monday exercise over at Amy’s place, she’s taken us to a rather arty cultural area of Austin, Texas. The hotels are too pricey for me but I’d like a wander there.


17 thoughts on “A field of brassica

  1. Such a pleasant walk, Gilly! The sky photos are stunning and the field is still very green and beautiful. Love the last one especially! 🙂

  2. I liked the poplars and the row of trees at the end best. And maybe I’m odd, but the green slideshow had me salivating, especially the Savoy cabbage (I think that’s what it was) and the cauliflower.

  3. That was such a great walk Gilly! What gorgeous views and those clouds are just amazing! Thanks for such a lovely stroll with amazing captures. 😀

  4. What an interesting walk! I hope the dogs had fun too. There’s nothing like nature shedding its brights slowly to make ready for winter. Thanks for the stroll, Gilly.

  5. Umbelliferous, Gilly! Now there’s a word 🙂 🙂 Not even sure I spelt it right but your wonderfully moody photos look great with the WP snow on them. Thanks for walking without me. 🙂 I’m barely back and will have a proper catch up in the next day or three.

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