Six Word Saturday

I’d like to be somewhere warm.



21 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday

  1. Australia might not do it at the moment: autumnal mornings here. My daughter promised the Poles 30 degrees on arrival in Queensland and last night they were cowering front of a fire in pouring rain. The twins slept for most of the flight – as if you need to know!

  2. Lovely sunny sight, jndeed. It is snowing in Kavala, Greece. It’s been awhile since I’ve experience it falling down. I kind of miss it. 😉 I remember your old post of heavy snows in your area so I know how you are with the cold weather.

    1. Haha it’s all relative Rommel, what I consider cold is anything below 12 degrees and we rarely have more than an inch of snow in my part of England, We’re warmed by the gulf stream and even if we have any it doesn’t tend to hang around. We’re hopeless when we do it get, everything stands still.

  3. LOL … normally, I would say, “It’s warm down here in Florida.”
    But, at the moment, it’s 55 degrees … last night, we were down in the low 30’s.
    It’s very unusual to get that cold here. UGH …. “I want to be somewhere warm”. LOL

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