Twisted bits

I’m having one of those spells where I’m all behind with everything, blogging included, and it’s not likely to improve much for a couple of weeks. I did read that the Weekly Photo Challenges are coming to an end, so I decided to post for the penultimate one, the theme of which is twisted. I hope these images, taken in Sicily, fit the bill.

It’s a pity it’s ending, but as Jude said it has become a bit repetitive recently. It’s been a great way of making friends, from all over the world. there are lots of smaller challenges of all kinds, and who knows, Lucid Gypsy might become a little less photo lead.


33 thoughts on “Twisted bits

    1. Thanks Cathy, The challenges have ben a great way of meeting people, but I suppose everything changes doesn’t it?

      I’m good thanks and really enjoying your posts πŸ™‚

      1. Yes, nothing ever stays the same, Gilly. In some ways that’s good and in some ways bad. I just returned home from my 25-day trip out to the southwest, and it will take me a bit to recover from that! I’m glad you’re enjoying my posts. New ones will soon be upcoming about my recent trip. πŸ™‚

  1. There are plenty of writing challenges, Gilly. Maybe they take a little more time. Meanwhile I’m envious of Sicily. Another place I always wanted to go. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Counting down!

    1. Yes Sicily is beautiful, not as smart and polished as other places in Italy, but that’s fine.
      Not long now, 4 days at work, then I’m up really early on Saturday x:-)x

      1. A couple of visits to the hot air balloon festival in Durham, Gilly. Not entirely successful as it was too windy a lot of the time, but still beautiful. I love them! Mick wasn’t best pleased at being trailed around but at least I didn’t drag him out for the 6.30am launches that didn’t take place. πŸ™‚

      2. I remember how you loved Bristol. Your poor long suffering Mick (not), thank goodness you didn’t get him up early! Does he have to drive you to an airport on Sunday?

      3. We’re going to Leeds Saturday evening and taking them out for supper, then we’ll stop over and Mick can drop me at the airport on his way home. Should work out well, but I won’t sleep. Expect baggy saggy eyes πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      4. Mine permanently sag! We have to get the red eye to Heathrow on Saturday, and there’s a bit of hanging around, but I love airports so I never mind. What time do you arrive?

  2. Some nice twists here! Is that true? The weekly photo challenges are ending? Oh no! I’m gutted….where did you hear that? One of my favourite WordPress challenges.

      1. Thanks for the link Jude just been for a look. I looked forward to the WPC each week and enjoyed the challenge of trying to fit it into what I had happening. Oh well it will take the weekly pressure off

      2. I did decide not to get into challenges they are very time consuming. But who knows what might pop up and suck me in!!!

      3. The monthly one is a nice one as it also acts as a record / diary. I have found that useful to go back and see what was happening a year ago.

  3. Lovely twists. I also like Sicily and would love to go back there and spend more time (only ever done two separate day visits). I might wrote about one for Cathy’s blog. As you said about the WP challenges ending, maybe we’ll do something different OR create our own challenges – safe travels Gilly and have fun with Meg and Jo. I should have arranged to come with you!

  4. Great twisted Gilly and thanks for the update on daily post. Like you I’m behind on everything at moment and so had missed it.

    Happy travels and hope Heathrow is behaving itself.

  5. Great choices. And I’m so behind I didn’t even know the challenge was coming to an end. But I hadn’t been keeping up with it for a while now anyway. I’ve been trying to do something for the Daily challenges a couple times a week (except for the past 2 weeks), and that has brought me several new visitors.

  6. well nice take on twisted and I have to tell you that it was after reading your post that I felt inspired to make my own blog post with the final wpc.

    so many thanks for that!


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