Lens-Artist Photo Challenge

A lovely group of bloggers have decided to create a new weekly photograph challenge, now that WordPress no longer run theirs. This week it’s the turn of Leya, who has picked ‘cooling’ as the theme. She brings us an unusual riverscape in Switzerland, perfect for a cool down.

My choice is one of my favourite Devon rivers, the Bovey at – surprisingly – Bovey Tracey!

This is one of the places where my children paddled when they were little, our golden retriever Jassy beside them, great for a cool down in the water and shade.

Thanks Leyla!


10 thoughts on “Lens-Artist Photo Challenge

  1. What a lovely bit of river overlaid with memories. You and I are rare, I think, in still living where our children grew up, and you rarer still. It’s where you grew up too if I’m not mistaken. Say g’day to Lindy and Flora and George.

  2. That’s lovely Gilly and good memories too. I would have to travel to many places to see places where my children were young. You obviously have deep roots in Exeter. I think I must be the gypsy πŸ™‚

  3. Looks like a perfect place for your children and family! Shade and water, and low water too – safe paddling. Thank you for sharing from your memories!

  4. So cooling to sit in the shade of the trees and dangle your feet in the river. Lovely memories for you too Gilly. I’m like Jude so many places and constantly on the move makes it hard to create memories like yours

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