Squaring the curves


I found this pretty door in my files and thought it would make a good square with a bit of cropping.

On Saturday Becky had a post featuring lines on a sports pitch, but no ordinary one, it was the Paralympics. What an amazing event that must have been to see!


Annoying lines

I’ve had a frustrating day today. You may know that I’ve started dressmaking again after a gap of maybe 25 0r 30 years. I used to be quite good at making clothes, but I’ve lost a lot of the skills I had. My new sewing machine makes me feel like a real dope and everything takes ages.

As well as machines ‘improving’ and becoming more high tech, patterns have changed. Back in the day, you carefully measured yourself to pick the right pattern size, but not anymore, now a pattern has six sizes and you have to negotiate the right one of a bunch of converging lines for your size.

I may be too old to re-learn all this! Or this!



National Poetry Day

is today!

One of the projects taking place nationally is Places of Poetry. You’re invited to pin a  poem to a map and have until October 31st to do so. If you’re at all interested in poetry have a  look at the site, post one of yours or just enjoy what you find in your area.

Here’s mine,

Tanka on the green

My Wrong-trainered feet

sink into unmown wet grass

fine spears still verdant

long and Squishy until spring

welly time at Mont le Grand