Sunday afternoon at Powderham

A wander around Chandni Chowk, the little plant centre and then tea and cake – courgette and avocado, no photo sorry.

The café looks across to the castle, home to the Earl and Countess of Devon.

Now if they could have just move the cars and arranged for the deer to be at the fence . . .


A Chestnut Walk to the Powderham Folly

Glorious weather and the dog’s need of some exercise made today a day for checking out Autumn’s progress. Earlier in the year I went to Kenton to take photographs for Lynne at On the Bench and found a new walk. At the time it was too cold to walk any further but it was always meant to be one to return to. The walk goes through the Powderham estate, the home to the 18th Earl and Countess of Devon. Building of the castle began in the 14th century and I’ve included a photo of the rooftop.

The start of the walk was a narrow muddy track through the marshes and then a climb up through the woods. There was a constant soundtrack from both the sawmill and the crazy sound of pheasants, whose presence tormented the dogs.  There are many ancient and magnificent oak trees but prominent today were the chestnuts, gnarled and old but still very productive. Empty shells were everywhere; no doubt the squirrels have full larders.

I was hoping for more leaf colour but there was very little display from the trees, we have only had one frost so far in east Devon. Plants in the hedgerow were definitely more autumnal though. In the field at the top of the track is the folly, built in the 18th century, and the view opens up, showing the river Exe looking east.

Click on any image for a slide show. I hope you enjoy my Sunday walk and have a lovely week!