Sunday Post : Expression

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Here’s how the weekly photo Competition  works:

1. Each week, Jake will provide a theme for creative inspiration. Show the world  based on your interpretation what you have in mind for the theme, and post them on your blog anytimebefore the following Sunday when the next photo theme will be announced.

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Make sure to have the image link to so that others can learn about the challenge, too.

So here is my entry for the theme ‘Expression’

Do I look a bit of a goof in this?

No, no, you look very handsome, you must buy!

33 thoughts on “Sunday Post : Expression

  1. I want one … I love scarves. It’s probably called by a different name
    since you seem to be in a foreign country. The pattern is beautiful.
    So is the “Expressions” on his face. Very nice, Gilly.
    Your have lots of good photo’s.
    Izzy xoxo

    1. Thanks Izzy I don’t know what it’s called, maybe a type of kufiya? but it’s taken in deepest Turkey! I have around twenty thousand photos, trouble is they are not organised!
      I also love scarves and have quite a lot that I’ve bought travelling.

      1. Oh my goodness … I do the same thing, I buy scarves when I am traveling as a remembrance – well, handmade christmas ornaments, too – but I love scarves. I wondered if it had to do with my name. You know – Isadora Duncan the famous dancer who died by the way of a scarf. hahaha ….
        Anyway, I have a gazillion photo’s that are unorganized, too. You are starting to sound like me or is it I am starting to sound like you???? LOLOL ~~~~~ : – )

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