Gorillas visit a Uganda village

Thanks to Inside Out Cafe for this wonderful video, just so amazing!

Happily ... after retirement

Oh my …this 5 minute video shows a family of gorillas who visit a village in Uganda.  The silence, grace, unity and harmony of it is awesome.
No hurries, no worries… just a stroll into a nearby village.

You can feel the love and amazement of the cameraman who becomes part of the adventure. And the respect and awareness of those filming the visit was beautiful.
The gorillas only visit the village a few times a year and it happened on the last day of their stay … oh my, what a glorious morning it was for all of them. And now for us!

May you see the beauty around you on this glorious day!

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10 thoughts on “Gorillas visit a Uganda village

  1. What an amazing video. I was fortunate enough to see mountain gorillas in Uganda many years ago. The silverback was massive – we never felt in any danger but I’ll never forget the moment he looked me in the eye!

  2. amazing – I spent time with the gorillas in Rwanda, and i don’t actually know how to explain it – the experience was such a highlight in my life…thanks for this Gilly

  3. Awesome Content…which is why I’m awarding you the ABC award.
    If you accept it, I’ll direct you to the ladies site who payed it forward to me, as she has at least 2 badges to choose from, and the suggested rules, or courtesies attached. I have yet to write up any official acceptance entry… But, feel free to visit and choose one of the badges here if you like:

  4. I am a 64-year-old child. I have watched this video over and over in awe. What a privilege these people have enjoyed. That Silverback had the whole thing under control. How can anyone kill these dignified, intelligent and gentle animals that are one breath away from us on the evolutionary scale?

    1. Mankind has a lot to answer for Ray. The video is so amazing isn’t it? A real insight into their near humanity! I’m glad you enjoyed it and thanks for visiting 🙂

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