Weekly Photo Challenge: Down

I really like this weeks challenge but will restrain myself to just a few pics!

Looking beyond the Petronas Towers to a whole load of tiny sky scraping buildings!

He made it ‘down’ low enough.

Looking ‘down’ from the top of the Eiffel Tower.

32 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Down

  1. these are perfection writ large – thx for the post that mentions instagram, and the stones, ah yes, you are a writer!

  2. I know, lots to expand with the week’s challenge.

    So, you’ve been to Paris!? Just one of the best. The overlooking view from Eiffel Tower is a must-to-do.

  3. the KL towers! crazy high!! my daughter was away last year touring the world for 10mos and saw them: her description? UNBELIEVABLE tall…and that’s a quote. Anyway, you can’t get more “down” than a view from the tallest structure in the world!
    Great representation for this week’s challenge!

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