Dressing up Nigerian, strolling around Southwold

I’ve been spending time in Suffolk this week visiting my half sister and her beautiful daughter. For my blogging friends around the world, Suffolk is a county in East Anglia, a part of the country which has the earliest sunrise in the UK. Travelling friend came too and yesterday we had a girls dressing up day when Patricia got us all done up in Nigerian clothes from her copious wardrobe. Actually her wardrobe is several rooms including this one where she keeps some of her shoes. 

She herself looked fabulous of course; her outfit was made to measure for her, a lovely little number in blue. I chose a turquoise wrapper and headtie with a white buba (blouse); travelling friend wore a three piece set in a turquoise print with white panels and turquoise edging. Headties are great for bad hair days, just scrape it all up under and no-one knows if it looks a mess! A touch more make up than usual to try to do something with the very exposed face, some matching jewellery and off we drove. 

Southwold is the classiest little town on the east coast and as soon as we arrived we turned heads. I think that a Nigerian, a mixed British Nigerian and a white American woman dressed in traditional clothing was quite a surprise. We had only walked a hundred metres when three women stopped us to say we looked beautiful. That became the theme for the whole afternoon, every few minutes people approached us, smiling, chatty and paying us compliments. 

We walked the along the prom, or rather we promenaded, stopped in a café for ice cream, 

and strolled to the end of the pier, a must do, just to look back. 

A very sociable afternoon. So, if you want to get into conversations with strangers, then get into some unusual clothes, it’s a great ice breaker, makes you feel incredibly good about yourself and enormous fun.

20 thoughts on “Dressing up Nigerian, strolling around Southwold

  1. Well hello beauties! You three look lovely with those outfits. And I see you three’s a very diverse group. Have a nice day!

  2. You all look stunning isnt it nice when complete strangers compement you and ask to take a picture. We in the Red Hatters have the same when we go out in a group all dressed in our purple clothes and red hats or fascinators.
    We went to the races on Ladys day with our best red hats and had a whale of a time,The pictures of your day were amazing all those shoes hope you take the same size shoes did you manage to talk her into parting with a pair ha ha bet you did much love and scarlet sparkles Carole xxx

  3. The compliments were well deserved. You all look so beautiful. And that wardrobe is droolworthy 🙂 Wish I had that kind of space.

  4. Woo – Hoo … three beautiful ladies. I love all of your outfits. I, too, do a hairwrap for bad hair days. it is for me a wonderful way to showcase all of my scarf collectables. MMMmmm – those headties look so tempting. I believe I’d have to buy several. I have a very unusual way of dressing and get looks (not always good ones) or comments all of the time. I think it’s an icebreaker but also a form of being who we are. I am always fascinated by the way everyone wnats to look the same.
    ~~~~ : -O
    You are so intriguing to follow, Gilly. I want to travel to all of these places.
    P.S. That is a lot of shoes … very well organized – I like that. ~~~~ : – )

  5. Looking Fabulous, Ladies – no wonder you received so many compliments and smiles! Thank you, Gilly, for a lovely, happy post, about a part of the country that I’ve never visited! 🙂

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