The Sunday Post: Silence

Jake has picked another good theme this week.

He says ‘Silence is the relative or total lack of audible sound. By analogy, the word silence may also refer to any absence of communication, even in media other than speech.Silence is also used as total communication, in reference to non verbal communication and spiritual connection. Silence is also referred to no sounds uttered by anybody in a room and or area. Silence is a very important factor in many cultural spectacles, as in rituals.’

My photo for silence inspired me to write a short story a couple of years ago. I believe this gentleman was sitting in quiet contemplation about something that had happened and that was the basis of the story. What do you think is on his mind?

For more interpretations of silence visit jake and perhaps join in!

19 thoughts on “The Sunday Post: Silence

  1. I believe he is meditating on where life has brought him so far and what tomorrow will bring. I find it interesting that he has on hat and coat and no long pants and sandles. A contradiction in dress. I love your choice for challenge and can’t wait for story behind picture.


  2. I’d love to read your short story, too!

    I really like the contrasts in the shot: the dark shadows and the light bouncing off the rock wall; the man dressed in jacket but with bare legs and sandals. With my mind where it is, these days, I imagine him a man weary from the trials of his life, yet still waiting and ready for the next good wave. 🙂

  3. Good pic for the theme, Gilly. I was thinking that maybe the plaque on the back of the bench is dedicated to his late wife, and he’s sitting remembering how she always used to make sure he was always correctly dressed before he walked out of the door.

  4. He is thinking how cold he is, and what the English summer is like.
    I can hear him now, “Mustn’t grumble.”
    (An attitude I think of as quintessentially English; an American would be complaining within ten minutes.)

  5. This photo is saing so much yet in Silence …. a great interpretation
    of this subject. I am fascinated by his sandals. hey almost look like they could
    be a woman’s. Could he be wearing his wife’s sandals in memory of her. SOooo ….
    many stories come to mind with this photo. I love it very much, Gilly.
    Very nice,

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