Sunday Post: Collectables

Jake has created another excellent animation and a challenge to post about collectables so I thought I’d show you Monstees!

and a few close ups . . .


Cute aren’t they?



28 thoughts on “Sunday Post: Collectables

  1. hmm, i can see how those cute expressive little monstees might be the perfect thing for a desk pet …. just find the one that expresses what you are feeling and then you wont have to do it yourself, smiling sweetly, looking confident while the monstee looks confused, enraged and dangerous!

    1. Yep, I have two on my desk at work, we have conversations where I tell then about some of the silly people I have to deal with and I’ve taught them all sorts of rude words 😦

  2. I had never heard of these before, Gilly. Are they popular all over England or in just certain areas of the country? It’s hard to tell what size they are. Would they fit into a teacup, or are they actually bigger?

  3. They ARE cute and I haven’t heard of them. My granddaughters both have Mooshie Monsters by the truckload. I hope they don’t hear of these too. Also, we have a wagonload of little ponies….

  4. Oh my … how did I miss this one???? These are so cute. I will be off to look at the
    web-site right now. Fabulous choice for Jakes challenge. You are so creative. I think it would be
    hard to pick one. Hahaha ,,,, this has brought a smile to my face. Thanks, Gilly.

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