Travel Theme: Tradition

Ailsa has chosen tradition as her theme for this weeks challenge. My home town is travel for virtually all of you right? So today has been the perfect summer day and I was sure that Exeter would provide a solution. Sure enough the annual craft fair was taking place on the cathedral green with Exeter Morris Men dancing up a storm. I believe that Morris dancing has spread around the world but for those who don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s a form of folk dance that has been around for centuries. The dancers wear bells on their legs, wave white handkerchiefs and have big sticks. Exeter Morris have several musicians, accordions and drums.

To visit Ailsa and to see lots of other interpretations of the theme,


15 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Tradition

  1. Years ago I worked in a design studio with a dozen other artists and was treated to an impromptu example of the Morris Dance. Gary, a designer from the UK, mentioned the Morris Dance, and none of us had ever heard of it. It’s a memory I will treasure forever!

  2. I wonder if the bells must be wrung a certain way by all dancers alike. Baffles my mind if that is so. Most interesting. I learn about so many new subjects in the blogosphere–love it. Thanks for sharing, Gilly.

  3. Wonderful photos. I am so glad for the blogging community also, because I have learned so many interesting things and seen so many wonderful places. Good selection for challenge. Thanks Gilly for sharing such a wonderful traditional dance.


  4. Morris Dancing!!!! Such a marvelous thing, the stamping and stick tapping and waving, like a kind of morse code and flag signals all come alive in the body with deep mysterious undertones of solstices and festivals, and so much more fun than bagpipes (for example) Great post Gilly 😀

  5. Great work Gilly , I love your traditional post such a great experience to watch this kind of activities thanks for sharing my friend 🙂

  6. Oh I love to see the Morris Men!! We have a group here and they’re great! So much energy, it’s infectious. Great shots Gilly.

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