Travel Theme: Flowers

I’ve posted a lot of flower photos this weekend and in general on Lucid Gypsy so I’m going to restrain myself and just post one more for Ailsa theme.  It’s a banana flower and could be taken in many places around the world but this one is in Morocco.


Go visit Ailsa and all the other entries, maybe you will be inspired to join in!

Travel theme: Flowers


22 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Flowers

  1. I’m always nervous about looking at your travel photos as they are always wonderful. I’d love to see a banana plant. Adding it to the list of ‘must sees’!

  2. We have two tiny banana tree that will someday grow to be fruit bearing.
    Do these become the banana or is that just a flower that grows on the tree?
    I like how huge it is. I wonder if it can be cut once it blooms? You’ve peaked
    my curiosity. Love the photo …. nice close-up.

  3. I’d love to have a few of those Banana leaves to grill the tuna steaks I have in the freezer in…
    Looks so good….or, maybe a few Banana Hearts, and a few flowers, to make Lumpia, and a salad with…Now I’m hungry…Heck, I’d settle for a banana to cut up in my raisin bran right now.

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