Thursdays Windows: week 6

This photo was taken along the road from Salisbury cathedral, in August 2009. It was at first floor level and the building is very old. The Sheep? Well I tried to find out more and it seems to allude to Wiltshire being a sheep farming county. Sadly the other thing I discovered is that a year or so after I photographed it, the sheep was decapitated, a mindless act of destruction. I feel for the people whose windows they are.


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12 thoughts on “Thursdays Windows: week 6

  1. What a shame! I get really angry at vandals who look at something that took time and skill to make and decide to make their own mark on the world, not by making something themselves, but by spending a few seconds to destroy other people’s work.

    It’s a great picture of a very cute old sheep, though. I’m glad you noticed and recorded it while you could.

  2. It seems that we have windows that we took photos of before destruction. I am glad that you too, took a photo before the damage. Great photo. I like the sheep being there, The diamond shape of each little piece of window glass is wonderful. It would have been great to photograph rain through those or even on those window diamonds. Nice diamond in the rough 😉

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