And the answer to my ‘Foreign’ post is here, lake Volta in Ghana where this story is set. Well done to the only one who knew!

Lucid Gypsy

He climbed into the boat with eyes wide and fearful and then squinted towards where he knew his destination should be, far across the lake. Grateful to lower his pack from his head – it was so heavy that it felt as if it was pushing him into the earth – he tucked himself into the driest corner he could find and used it as a seat. A middle aged woman sized it up and silently daring him to complain she deposited her abundant bottom beside him. Once they both knew she had won, she took some bread from her bag and passed him some and even though he’d had some rice before he left the village, he would never say no to food.

The boat started filling but it was the first of the day and the ferrymen knew that once it was three quarters full, it was pointless…

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Cee’s Foto Fun Challenge: Orange

Cee has gathered some interesting info about the colour orange, go here to learn all and to join in. Meanwhile here are my orange efforts.

Exeter CanalThe canal in winter.

MonsteeSmile, it’s a desk pet!

Quick, someone remind me?