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Woman Unveiled إِمْرَأَةْ تَنْكَشِفْ

Nelson Mandela once said that “it is through education that the daughter of a peasant can become a doctor.” Her Majesty Queen Rania told us that by educating a girl we educate a family, and work towards the future. There are hundreds of men and women around the world devoting all of their time and effort to improving the lives of girls, because they see it as the best investment in a sustainable future. I couldn’t agree with them more. Progress in the past few decades has been impressive,

Today marks the first International Day of the Girl. As many of my readers have probably noticed I am always interested in covering gender-related issues. This is a day for all girls, but on this day I would like to highlight the heroism of a girl who almost lost her life working for this cause at the tender age of 14.

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100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups Week# 61

I missed Julia’s challenge last week – she wanted humour and I couldn’t think of anything 🙂 but I was determined to join in this week. The prompt is ‘I woke with another headache’  and my story is based on a dream I had way back, when Shakespears Sister were in the charts, do you remember them?

Shakespears Sister 

‘Come on here’s your costume’, Marcella Detroit handed me a regulation black swimsuit and cap, just like when I was at school. I hesitated, but she shoved me into a cubicle to change. She indicated that I should follow her up a metal ladder, leading to a high diving board, where Siobhan Fahey, the other Shakespears Sister was waiting.

‘We’re not diving from there’ I said panicking. ‘Course we are, it’s perfectly safe’ Marcella replied. I knew it was suicidal, at the bottom there was only a foot of water. We looked like sleek black seals as we jumped.

I woke with another headache.

Thursday’s Windows

It’s Thursday so it’s time for Sandra’s Window Challenge and I’m pleased to show you this one from Exeter Quay. This building was originally built as the sign says in 1780 as a cotton mill but by 1834 it was a paper mill. It is now divided up into waterfront flats and in front there are some remains of industrial equipment, painted green and a nice touch of history. It’s the window I like best, and wonder why it was made that shape. The stone is most likely from Heavitree Quarry which was still in use when I was a child.

Join in at http://sandraconner.wordpress.com/2012/10/11/photo-challenge-thursdays-windows-week-4/ I’m sure you have some lovely window photos.