Jake’s Sunday post: Delicious

I wonder how many similar photos to mine there will be this week! I have just been for a walk by the river and decided to finish with a hot drink in the Coffee Cellar on the quay.

They always have divine home made cakes, but I managed to resist this time! Inside is lovely, they have comfy sofas and dogs are welcome but today was just warm enough to sit outside and people watch. Another other nice thing about the Coffee Cellar is that when they make you hot chocolate the put the bit that won’t fit into your cup into a little jug. My friend had the full works with cream, for me it’s just the marshmallows.

Thanks Jake for your DELICIOUS challenge!

Music in Pictures Contest: Chasing the Sun

I nearly missed this week because following didn’t work, Eat, Travel, Photograph, didn’t appear in my reader, but then I saw Elisa’s Challenge on Livvy’s Blog  So this is my entry for Chasing the Sun, the Exe really is a great place for it.