Thursday’s Windows

It’s Thursday so it’s time for Sandra’s Window Challenge and I’m pleased to show you this one from Exeter Quay. This building was originally built as the sign says in 1780 as a cotton mill but by 1834 it was a paper mill. It is now divided up into waterfront flats and in front there are some remains of industrial equipment, painted green and a nice touch of history. It’s the window I like best, and wonder why it was made that shape. The stone is most likely from Heavitree Quarry which was still in use when I was a child.

Join in at I’m sure you have some lovely window photos.


19 thoughts on “Thursday’s Windows

  1. The window has a nautical feel to it. I would love to have a unique window or two in our house. But alas, uniformity is the guiding principle where we live. So much so that I often , inadvertently, pass my own drive way on my way home and must then back up!

  2. i wonder why it was made that shape .. an artist designing it … or harking back to another old favourite window …. so many thoughts for a lovely thing!

  3. I love the shape of that window – it brings back memories as I am from Exeter now living on the Algarve! I am off to hunt through your blog….(found you via Chronicles of Illusions … !)

    1. You’re from Exeter??? where? how amazing, I have never met someone who blogs that comes from here! You will find lots of Exeter ad Devon posts here if you look in my category cloud. I’ve followed you as well and will be back after work to explore. Jo is one of my very favourite bloggers 🙂

      1. ah well I’m originally from Birmingham but I married a boy from Exmouth – my last job was working for the Church of England and my office was in the Old Deanery opposite the cathedral – far too close to lots of coffee shops and all the shoe shops!! 🙂

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